Who are Jarvis Lane

Its 30 years since Britpop and the last real music scene that meant more than great music! it was a  lifestyle, a way of life and an attitude that hasn’t been replicated since!

However If John Lennon was to bump into Keith Moon and John Entwistle, and embark on a magical mystery tour through Glam, Punk rock and Brit pop you'd have Jarvis Lane! 


Jarvis Lane borrow shamelessly from artists like the The Who, the Kinks, Small Faces, Oasis, Supergrass and the Beatles without losing their own identity, this melodic drenched mix of Stones swagger and Pistol's esc aggression is a wink at the past but very much a stern stare into the future!  


Rather than hide from their influences, Jarvis Lane irreverently revel in them, even dropping song titles and band references in their tunes!


The sound is vibrant, hard and a little bit cock sure of itself and yet  Mitch's lyrics add to the feel of better times ahead!

 It’s unmistakably British yet assessable to the US, playful, obvious where it needs to be yet unafraid of going into unexpected places when the mood takes em!


Jarvis Lane write songs, use tape and then put them out to stand or fall in this industry that is music! more so, they write their songs for them, they'll lend you listening time and meaning but make no mistake this is not a band who sat and thought what would sell to the masses, but what do we wanna create!


The buzz of an electric guitar, chaotic drums, melodic bass lines and voices talking of simpler times, the truth and desires to achieve may leave some cold, as something better must now exist mustn't it?   




Svengali Music Management

07958432356 / 0797440997




Svengali Music Management

07958432356 / 0797440997


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