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Paul Dixon (Dixie) and Sally Cinnamon

Stranger Than Fiction !

Once upon a time in the land of Quadrophenia , Brighton , I was on the Svengali Tour with Alan McGee ! Star of the film Svengali Jonathan Owen was supposed to be on tour with the man who discovered Oasis and Creation Records - Alan McGee . Jonny Owen couldn't do the tour due to filming commitments and I was going to try and blag my way on to it as a cling on , but then the film company rang me up and asked if I would do the Q&A's with the mighty McGee ?

Alan McGee had been a hero of mine ever since The Jesus and Mary Chain first appeared on the cover of the NME . I had got to know him from Svengali , the 9 pilot episodes and the film . There were 12 dates around the UK where they'd show the film and then me as 'the real Dixie' and real life Svengali Alan McGee who is in the film as himself would go on stage and do a Q&A .

I shit myself before the first one at The Electric Cinema , Birmingham , I thought 'it's McGee , who the fuck is going to ask me anything ?' But they did ! It was quite humorous too :
McGee 'When I started out I had all these dreams and aspirations , I did ne think any of them would come true ...... But they did !'
Me 'I had all the same dreams and aspirations I was convinced they would come true ........ but they didn't !'

At the Brighton screening another long time member of the McGee fan club and legendary Oasis devotee Sally Cinnamon was in the audience.

Sally lives in Bedford , I live in Swansea , the chances of us meeting again were slim to non existent ! Phew ! Safe I thought ? (At the time McGee and myself were retired from the music business , him very successfully , me spectacularly unsuccessfully !) Not safe some 30,000 miles later , much to my boss Bryn Cartwright's fury Sally and I have seen hundreds of great bands and travelled the highways and byways and I still haven't got a word in !


Since Svengali bands have asked me to manage them and I have always said 'I would rather eat my own scrotum with a rusty chisel than manage another band!' Then Sally and I happened on a phenomenon called Jarvis Lane ! When we played Jarvis Lane to Alan his words were music to my ears - 'FUCK ME DIX THEY SOUND LIKE THE WHO IN 1975!'


A band for the now ! Relevant , exciting , energetic live gigs , passion and professionalism that were enough to get me out of retirement. (scrotum intact) and render the the Cinnamon one speechless, and believe me that's no mean feat ! Jarvis Lane check 'em out ! x



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